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Thomas Voncille Financial Group
Insurance Broker/Financial Advisor Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas info@thomasvfinancial.com


  • Do you have a systematic way of accumulating funds for retirement? 

  • Are you counting on Social Security to be your main source of retirement income?

Family Protection 
  • How many years of income would your current life insurance cover? What happens after that?

  • Would the person handling your estate say you had enough life insurance to self-complete your financial goals for your family? 

  • Is making sure your family maintains its current standard of living important to you? 

  • Do you have a systematic way to accumulate funds for your children’s education? 

  • What is your philosophy for college planning? Plan to pay none of it, some of it, or all of it? 

Young Person’s Financial Plan 
  • Has anyone shown you the long-term benefits of a parent-child life insurance partnership? 

  • If you could pay pennies for dollars for your child's financial future, would you be interested?   


  • Other than yourself, who is the most important person employed by your business? 

  • If you lost that person, how much money would you have to have to replace them, and to replace the potential lost revenue? 

  • Do you have a written buy-sell agreement with your partner to buy out their spouse and/or heirs? If so, is it funded by debt, revenue, or insurance? 

  • Do you have a systematic way for your business to accumulate retirement funds for you? 

  • Do you have, or know anything about, self-completing retirement plans?

  • What is your exit strategy for leaving your business? 

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